I Am Looking For Another Provider. These People Are Thiefs And The Most Stupidist. If I Gotta Repeat Myself 2y Times To Tell Them I Cannot Access The Dial. All They Want To Do Is Take Your Money Or Burn You. I Sold A Boost Phone To A Friend Who Has A Account And When He Activated It They Deactivated My Daughters Account 2 Times And Trued To Say She Had No Account. We Have Been Wuth These Iduots For Two Years And For What I Went Through They Are The Most Poorly Trained People. I Will And Would Not Refer Anyone To These People. I Had No Priblems With My Phone. On 11/22/15 On My Lookout Security Said Someone Was Removung My Sim Card And Removing Info. Second It Said It Was Unmounting My As Card. I Am On The $60 Plan And Have A Half A Month To Go. I Am Notifying The Attorney General And My Attorney. I Have F??? Had It With These Do Salvador People That Don't A Damon Thung Aling With The Supercisor. And When You Get Disconnected Cause You Know Theyhang Up On Purpose They Don't Call Bwck. (boost You Are A Home And I Am Having You Investigated For Fraud By Ripping People Off. You Do A Hard Reset On My Phone And Delete My Mobile Data. How Do You Think You Can Activate A Phone With No Internet??? They Ripped My Daughter Off And I Feel It Was Thrm That Screwed My Phone Up Cause They Dint Know A. Damon Thing On What Thete Doing I Am So Pissed I Can't Spell. I Am Seeking Full Action Against And If I Knew There Were Others Wiuld File A Class Action Lawsuit Against You Thieves.

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