The sound is OK and haven't had the problems that I've read other people have had that I've read about, BUT, I am very disappointed with a $700 table radio/disk player that is this poorly engineered. Like I said, the sound is okay, not spectacular for sure. There is no ability to adjust bass or treble, mmm? Why is that for such a highly touted sound system? Apparently the engineers think that they know best for millions of consumers. Allegedly designed to maximize symphony and orchestral pieces? OK, that's fine and I can appreciate that but, the problems that I've found? 1) I wanted to "shuffle" between four disks for a variety of music, not have the disk that is playing shuffle the order of the tracks! That is just STUPID. I'd like to mix up a little Salsa, Blues, C&W with my Mozart! So I read the promo material for several years before purchasing and thought that I understood that I would get to shuffle all disks loaded.

What a bunco system misrepresentation that was. I've waited years to order this product and am sorely disappointed. Then there is the issue of ejecting disks after they have finished playing. You have to stop the whole system to eject a disk and cannot eject the ones that have played while the player is running. And even when the system is (allegedly) programmed to play straight through, the system repeats and repeats. I'm just not happy with what I got for what I paid. It's nice and compact, yes. The sound is good, yes. But the overall experience that I've had does not live up to expectations and the manufacturers own hype.

Bose, you're just not all that good as you think you are, in my opinion and experience. If my old Kenwood 5 disk player hadn't given up after 15 years I wouldn't have bought this Wave system. I've had it a year now after "treating" myself on my birthday and have been kicking myself for not just replacing a component in my home entertainment system rather than going all out for some new-fangled hyped up toy that was going to add so much to my listening pleasure. The bummer is that I hardly use it at all now because it barely tunes in a radio station either! My first personal music player was a 10 transistor radio in 1960 and pulled in more stations than this "advanced" system. What the hey?!

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