I purchased my first home back in 6/2010.6 months later my water heater was leaking and my home warranty ended up replacing with brand new Bradford and white water heater which I came out of pocket 275 for. I was told the unit comes with 6 year warranty. On 8/27/15 the gas was shut off temporarily then pilot would not light. Had plumber come out to light pilot but was told valve would need to be replaced and they would confirm warranty. Bradford informed plumber that unit was no longer under warranty because Bradford had unit as a replacement and rolled over warranty of original unit from a different company.

Bradford would not honor the 6 year warranty of the new unit which I feel is unacceptable especially when they are aware of the faulty valve on these particular units. I will continue to expose this unethical business practice until there is a resolution or correction made. My children and I have been without hot water for a few months now while I continue to get the run around.

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