We had a service appointment for the dishwasher scheduled for 10/22/2015. The technician came and was very arrogant. I explained him the problem was water leakage from under the dishwasher and that's why we disconnected the water from the dishwasher and asked him to wait 5 minutes so that we connect the water. The technician arrogantly answered "One minute of my time costs 20 dollars. Are you going to pay?" and left. We scheduled another appointment for 11/05/2015 and I informed the BSH Home Appliances customer service about change of contact phone number and nobody called or showed up even though we got the water connected in spite of water leakage.

When I called BSH Home Appliances customer service they told me that she could not find a new contact number which I provided before. We scheduled another appointment for 11/12/2015 scheduled from 12.00 to 14.00. From lesson learnt on 11/12/2015 at 11.30 I called customer service to confirm that the technician is coming and the associate told me "Wait for the technician". At 12.15 my wife called customer service to inquire where the technician is and she was given a cell phone service number for the technician to call. She tried to reach that number few times but the calls were going to voicemail.

At 12.30 I called again customer service and asked them to call technician. So agent told me that she could not reach the tech but left him a voicemail and no need to worry because he will definitely come. At 13.30 I called again to inquire about tech visit and the answer was the same – "We left a voicemail and the tech is coming". I called again at 13.57 and asked if the technician is coming. As an answer I got 10 minutes lecture that the technician is driving to our location and that's why he does not answer phone calls in order to get faster to us. And there is no grounds for worry because the tech is almost knocking our door. I asked them what time shall I call if we do not see technician. The answer was "At 14.15".

I called again at 14.15 and I was told that the technician was at our door at 12.30 and he tried to call us and knocked the door but nobody answered. And the he is now on the way to different destination and we can only reschedule appointment for the next week. I tried to explain situation to the customer service agent but it was like speaking to the robot – "You have to reschedule an appointment". I asked her to transfer me to her supervisor and after waiting for 40 minutes the supervisor replied. I told whole story in chronological order but the bottom line in her answer was "I do not believe you and you have to reschedule an appointment". I asked to transfer me to her manager and she took my number promising that the manager will call me back and also that the customer service will call my wife cell to tell her a new appointment time.

Nobody called and as a result we got dishwasher not fixed for almost two months, my wife taking two days off in order to attend the appointments, me calling from overseas and spending money on international calls and feeling frustrated, depressed and fed up with BSH Home Appliances and all of these for the money we paid for the extended warranty for Bosch product.

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