I went to BT Games Cradlestone Mall on the 12th of December 2016 to buy a control for my PC for games i downloaded. The gentleman sold met a control told me it is plug in and play. When i got home the device was not compatible for the specific games and didn't work. Seeing that they are the professionals regarding computer gaming and controls they should have told me that certain controls are not compatible for certain games. I of course didn't know that and that is why i went to them for assistance.

I phoned the branch the same day and they told me a lot of nonsense how i am supposed to install a driver on my PC and and.. I even asked the person if i can come back the following day for a refund and he said yes they will assist me. When i got there there were 5 gentleman standing there looking at met. I explained the situation again the reply i received from apparently the regional manager was that the device is not faulty, they will not refund my money and i opened the box.. ( i had to open the box to plug in the device! ) So basically what he told me was take the control and leave the store, we are not willing to assist you. Its not their problem me spending R 500 for a device at their store which i can't use.

This morning earlier 14 December 2016 i spoke to a Steven Moore in their complaints department and he wasn't helpful at all. Told me they will not assist me as i got what i asked for, a PC controller. And they will not be able to resell the jproduct for it is now seconhand. BT Games and their staff are unprofessional, incompetent and they are after money like bloodhounds. Its ok, I will take the loss of R 500 seeing that they need it more than i do.. It is the principal of the matter and the way they deal with and handle clients. I will never set foot into any BT Games store again.

They don't know their products, they don't know how to liaise with clients and they steal your money and don't think anything of it. Its daylight robbery.

E du Preez

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