Took it there cause employee told me was best in town and new to the area after hitting a deer and bold over holidays.They had it for over a week tried to get what was wrong and they gave me a list of stuff not cosr effective to repair and then said they had an employee would like to buy for parts i was told it wad as is and I said no because i had just purchased a brand new hard top in December and i refused to include it and when they said ok without the hard top i came clean out rig and they asked to get the too after the could get it covered i said yes i once again tried and tried to get a hold of them to get my hard top back for 3 weeks and when I finally Got Will on phone he claimed top was gone the next day claiming that I came back in middle of the night and took and dodged my calls for weeks.
Scott the manager when i told him i was trying to get a hold of Will and then asked if they had cameras at shop that Will said my hardtop was stolen from their shop. Scott stopped responding to my requests and Both now ignore me. They both knew that I was selling it to pay balance on my new rig.
They took advantage of me more about being new to the area and played i dont want you as lady to get taken advantage of..$2000.00 STOLEN FROM ME DONT TAKE ANYTHING TO THESE PEOPLE

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