Hi, I rented a car from 10 to 25 July 2015 with priceline.com and provider was Budget in Frankfurt Airport terminal 2, Germany (Budget Rental Agreement, Vehicle registration, Priceline Trip Number). If the rental price was OK (354.99 euros), the car insurance price calculated and offered by Budget was a total unacceptable: 835 euros with 235 bigger than the rental price. I'm a 57 years old engineer with more than 25 years internationally driving experience and is the FIRST TIME WHEN I SAW THAT A PRICE OF A CAR INSURANCE IS 235 BIGGER THAN THE RENTAL PRICE.

I was forced to take the car by the conditions but I asked Budget to RE-CALCULATE the price of the car insurance because is absolutely unacceptable for the price of the car rental category in my driving experience. Because Budget did not advised or declared in advance that price of the insurance can be 235 bigger than the rental price – what could be the insurance price for a luxury car in this case is for a small compact car I paid 835 euro?

If the insurance company is not Budget, how Budget is accepting this enormous insurance prices which are totally unacceptable. The Budget representative made all calculations but he declared that this is minimum insurance price which is coming from your system. With this price Budget is absolutely a NON-COMPETITIVE provider and I requested Budget in several messages to verify this situation and to take the necessary Corrective Actions. I requested to be refunded by Budget, their representative responded but they never clarified the case or proposed a Corrective Action on that. I'd like to know which are the Consumer protection agencies which can help on this case.

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