I called Budget agent at the Dayton airport a week before a planned week trip to reserve a full size car. The agent said not a problem but to make sure that a full size was available it would be better to pre-pay (first mistake). When I arrived to pick up the car there were five people in line but only one agent, 30 minutes later he proceeds to tell me there are no cars available and the only thing available at my prepaid rate was a small pick-up. I explained I prepaid because they promised availability of a full size car and how was I going to put four people and luggage in a small pick-up truck. He stated there are no guarantees and that was all he had.

After visiting two other competitors I was able to acquire a mid-size car at a much higher rate to complete my trip. But of course then the fun begins with numerous calls and e-mails to customer service asking for a refund on my prepaid reservation only to be told they would credit the rental balance but not the $72.insurance (my second mistake) as that is non-refundable through a third party company. Needless to say, Budget or Avis made their last promise to me or my company.

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