Rented a car from Budget at O'Hare location and prepaid online, big mistake. I handed the lady behind the counter my reservation information and informed her that I did not want any extras. She told me that everything was fine and there were no extra fees. They are so nice while you're there you feel like they are very trustworthy people (Do Not Trust Them). A few days after returning the car I see additional charges for Lost Damage Waiver at $13.50 per day and RSN at $6.99 per day. When you try to dispute, yeah good luck on getting someone to actually call you back. I had to go through my credit card company and dispute the charges in order to finally get someone on the line and luckily they were able to retrieve half of the money back. It is very obvious that this is how they train the employees and I will definitely let everyone I know not to go there.

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