We were booked on The Pride of America on August 29th out of Honolulu, we had reserved a rental car from Budget for August 30th & 31st. We prepaid the rental fee as it was cheaper to do this. When we boarded the ship on that Saturday we found out that the schedule had changed due to Hurricane Ignacio and we would be in Maui on September 3rd & 4th instead. We gad also booked with Budget on Hilo and that date changed. We started contacting the tour companies and Budget to change our dates, all of the tour companies changed the dates without any issue.

When we contacted Budget we were told that their system was down and we would need to call back. When we called back the next day, Sunday we were told that there was an additional fee for the rental because this was a pre-paid rental. We accepted this as we needed the car. When we returned we contacted Budget, the Hilo location refunded the extra cost. The Maui location at the airport did not, we had an additional charge of $75.98, we had no control over the change in venue and we are not happy with Budget. If you are thinking of using them, think twice, we will choose someone else in the future.

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