11/21/15 I'm complaining about an assistant manager that works at the franklin new jersey burger king. I believe her name is Cassie or something like that. She was extremely rude to the cashier that was taking our order. Me my husband and our three kids came in for dinner and the cashier forgot to put a large fry on our tray and that assistant manager was very nasty and told the cashier just go get the fry now. And the was simply just asking the manager for help. The cashier was a sweet girl and she did a awesome job and I made sure that I told the cashier that she did a great job and to keep up the good work. But as for that assistant manager she really stinks and should not have disrespected her employee the way she did. That manager needs to either be fired or get a new job. But the cashier was so sweet and so nice and she did a wonderful job.

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