Burger King #12856 This is the worse Burger King in Colorado. I sent my grandchild there to get something quick to eat. I am a diabetic and needed some food to bring up my sugar level. I wrote what I wanted and when she got there she went on the inside to place the order. The female that took the order was very rude. When asked for her name she refused to give it. There were only customers in the store a the time and this female was so rude she kept cutting my grandchild off and she could not finish her order. The number for this cashier is T=00L I=5 C=135. When my child got back home with the food what I had ordered was not there. I asked her what happened and she tod me the cashier would not let her finish the order, so I called tne store t speak with a manager. I asked why they would not let the customer finish the order and this manager was ery, very rude as well. Her name was Retha (so he said). I asked her why her cashier would not let my child order everything that she wanted to order? She was so rude I asked for her name and corporate's number She gave me the wrong number and hung up the phone in my face!

Every time we go to this
burger King we are treated as though our money does not spend like the other people. I have complained so many times about the treatment Black people get at this store it has become a great issue with me and other Black customers. I will be filing a discrimination law suite as soon as soon as possible. I am tied of the treatment that we receive a this location! The staff does not speak clear English and they stand in front of the customers talking in Spanish as if some of us don't speak Spanish! News flash some of us speak and understand spanish!

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