Burger King #4026 on Grant, Tucson Az. The most dirtiest and disgusting place I ever walked into. It should be condemned. The floors had garbage all over that. The service providers were filthy dirty and the person who waited on me to take my order was eating french fries as she was taking my order. Her shirt was full of grease that look like she used her top as a napkin. They all looked like they never took a shower. The counters and the tables were unedible to eat on since there was so much filth there. The soda area was all so dirty and there was mold on some of the faucet where the soda came out of. The lettuce in my burger was wilted and brown. Waited about 12 minutes before someone took my order then told me they dont make veggie burgers. I pointed to the sign and the server started to laugh and replied…"my bad". Really!!! Close it or clean it!

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