I have never left a review for any business but, i felt this one necessary so maybe the Bonner Springs, Kansas Burger King can get some help.
I have been to this location for lunch and dinner several times and they always seem to have issues. November 21st at 7:30 P.M. Was unacceptable.
The crew, of what appeared to be 4, was completely incompetent. For the 15 minutes i waited in the parking lot for my guest to arrive, i watched and listened as a crew member brought bags of food to numerous cars. I also watched as cars pulled around from the drive through to go in the store to tell them that they had received the wrong food. The patrons would come back out to their cars and wait for that crew member to bring them out their correct food. This happened to 4 drive thru customers in the 15 minutes i observed. As i went in for dinner with my guest, i overheard the confusion of the 3 employees in the building (one crew member was outside, once again, giving food to a drive thru customer who had received tbe wrong order). After ordering, we sat in the dining area and waited for approimately 15 minutes, at which time, i observe a continual flow of drive thru patrons coming in to tell the crew that they had recieved the wrong food. As i am waiting for our food, i overhear confusion as to which order a certain food item is for. I go up to the counter and tell them that that is an item i had ordered and perhaps it is mine. The crew had forgotten our order. They check to see if the wrapped sandwich in thr heating bin would complete my order but, once again, they had given out the other sandwich for my order to the wrong customer. That customer came in from the drive thru and told them as i was standing at the counter. I went back to my seat and waited until the crew member called my ticket number. As myself and my guest ate, these behaviors were continuous. Drive thru patrons would pull around and flow in and out, having received the wrong food. My hope is that the right person sees this so that Burger King will not become a failing franchise of restaurants. Thank you, from a geniunely concerned customer.

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