My name is Jennifer Dean i work at the paw paw Michigan Burger King, when i was hired 20 plus hours a week, neen there since september 2015, i was offered a job somewhere else i took it, it did not work out so i called Burver King Back to see if i can get my job bavk manager Tim saod yes no problem you are a good worker never late always on time, my first week bavk i got regular hours, last week i got 3 hours so i called today only 3 hours, i like time the manager, Andrew assisrant manager is against me, i have a appointmwnt monday at 2pm to a Lawyer, he said i have been discriminated against, myanager Tim is on vacation for a week, i was never late, never missed a day, busted my butt, i am almost 40 yrs old, i live 13 miles from burger king paw paw Michigan, heck teenagers are gwtting morw hours than me, i explained everyrhing to my managwr tim he said i will fix it, i love my job, my lawyer told me let it go cause i have a caae, Andrew assistant manager on monday he did not ordee our mexium, or all drinl cups ao we had to give customer a large drink for rhe price of a amall an medium, i umderstand i got a better job offer so i took it, but it did not work out, tim the main manager said he would hire me bavk cause i was a good worker etc., first week back i got my normal hours, last week i get 3 hrs, called today i get 3hours agaim, come on now, i talk to tim an he said you will gwt more houra next week, well i got 3 hours, i am meeting with my lawyer 2pm on monday, so wrong i have been discriminated against by assistant manager andrew, no one working likes him, he is rude disrespectful not just to emplyees customers also, please contact me asap before 2 pm monday, holidays are here an i have 2 kids so unfair, my husband cousin brother is co anchor to our local tv station wwmt channel 3, he wants an I team investigation on this, i said no just want my 24 hrs week back, my lawywr said talk to no one, but all i want is what i was promised, by the way andrew assistant manager is the wrong person for burgwr kong in paw paw michogan no one likes him he is rudw an tim told me he needs to go, employees e en said they feel uncomfotable around him, no one likes him, let me know asap before i go to lawyer, thank ypu!!!

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