This was my first experience visiting your Rogers, Arkansas store. My God, this store looked terrible. There was clothing thrown on the floor, under display racks, trash on the floor, product codes ripped off product. Your shrinkage must be atrocious. You have alot of product walking right out the front door. The store had NOT been zoned, and was NOT being zoned. I walked around the entire store for quite a while. Not one time did I encounter a member of Management. I found an associate with a radio and head set on, I asked her to speak to the Store Manager. Did I get the Store Manager? No I got some Assistant, who's name was Corey. I told him my issue with store, the appearance of the store, and the long lines at the check out register's. I asked him if they, the Store Management team practiced servant leadership, and his response was, Yes they do. I have a CSM Supervisor up front and if she needs help she will radio me. It was quite apparent to me this man didnt have a clue of what I was talking about nor did he care. He simply called somebody on the radio and walked off. At no point did he ever walk up front to check things out for himself. Nor did he pay any attention to the condition of his store. I must say, this being my first experience of ever stepping foot inside this store left a lasting impression, I will never be back. These clowns you all have as Managers spend more time sitting in their asses in the office rather than rolling their shirt sleeves up and getting busy. They are the type order people around, their associates, rather than getting off their lazy asses and leading by example which is the paramount to servant leadership.

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