I took my suit which needed to be altered an dry cleaned and a dress that also needed to be altered and dry cleaned to BWS Dry Clean in Arcadia. When I went to pick them up, the line where the dress was altered was not pressed down and the zip was all skew and was separating. The pants of my suit was not altered at all. When I complained, I got the rude attitude from the lady assistant that works there. She said that they could not press the dress because it has a difficult material. That was a surprise because I always press my dress at home. I also inquired about my suit and was given another lame excuse. It was the first time I took my clothes there and the dry clean is across from my office, I therefore thaught it was going to be a great place to rake all my work suits to them because of their proximity. Because of the service and the shabby work I received from them, I will never ever take my clothes there and I informed everybody in the office and all my friends and associates to never take their clothes to that dry clean

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