Called to get a price on a rifle at the Columbus Ohio Cabelas. Called twice and after waiting 4 to 5 minutes for someone to answer, was finally transferred, then, after no answer after 4 to 5 min was hung up on twice!

Then the third time after the usual 4 to 5 min for someone to answer, was asked to leave a message! Really! Want good service and good prices Columbus? Go to Vances like I did.

Oh and by the way, I am a Club member with a Silver status, may be my last. I am a patient man but when you wait on the phone for over 15 minutes you would expect as least the courtesy for someone to at least answer and say " we are extremely busy can you call back later or can I take a message. Also this is not the first time this has happened!

If that would have happened on the first call I would not be pissed! But yep now I'm pisssed!!!

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