So my Horrible experience began 11/10/2015 I discovered I had a flat tire on my 2014 Cadillac CTS Coupe and discovered the car didn't come with a spare only a compressor (I was never told there was no spare and never received wheels either from the dealer I purchased car from), so took it to local Cadillac Dealer (Cutrubus Cadillac in Ogden) to repair and drop the car off at 8:30 am to Joshua in the Service Dept. I was told I would receive a call if it could be repair or if it needed to be replaced, never received that call so I called back at 12:30 pm to get information since none was shared with me. When I called at 12:30 I spoke to Joshua and I was told tire could not be repaired and needed to be replaced and they were looking up prices and will callback with prices. So again no callback and I called and spoke to Joshua again at 4:30pm 11/10/2015 and was told the same tire was discontinued and they would have to put in a special request to Michelin for that tire and could take weeks or buy 4 new tires (required for the car since its Leased and has to be returned with same tires). So I tried myself to find a used tire to put on for temp use while tire is ordered by no tires found in salt lake area. So called in 11/11/2015 to see what could be done and if any other options so I'm not left without a car for over a month plus having to pay the lease with Joshua no options given, explained why should I have to buy 4 new tires priced $900 -$1350 (I know the prices because of course Joshua tried to offer that) when only 1 needed to be replaced. So I decided to call GM Consumer Affairs and I was connected to Serena at 866-790-5600 ext. 5911595 and she was very helpful and ask what I expected which was get permission from leasing company to put a new recommended tire on that's in stock or give me a loaner car or get a rental car for me since I am paying for lease and ready and willing to buy a tire. Serena gave me contact info for Hannah Hernandez at Cutrubus Cadillac the Customer Experience Manager and said she was contacting the dealer now and I should receive a call within 48 hours. I received a call from Joshua from the Service Dept. 1 hour later with a more open ear and ready for ideas, and told me he would call me later once he found a solution. Joshua did call me back like 1 hour later and said they spoke with Ally (my leasing company) and got permission to put a different but new tire on the car and there would be no issues with returning the car at the end of the lease. So Joshua then said the other tire wasn't in tire now (although yesterday I could have bought a set of 4 ready to go) and they had to order and would only take a day or 2 and he would call when tire was in. So 2 days later 11/13/2015 at 4:30 I call because I received no call again and of course get Joshua again and he tells me there are delivery issues and problems on the east coast with storms and it is holding up the trucks and tire would be here Monday now, so I understood be explained my dissatisfaction with their Customer Service at this point because no one calls to rely the information and he apologizes for it. So being very upset I can Hannah Hernandez and explain the situation and she said to give her a few minutes to get the information and make sure things get done. She calls back in 10 mins and begins to tell me that the tire is there and the problem is there's no wheel lock to take wheel off to change tire and needs to be ordered, or they could get off but have to replace the lug nuts with new ones and the needed my permission but I never got that call about that issue. So I am now more upset because I'm now lied to by Joshua, first Joshua lies to me and now they are lying to her because how did they take the wheel off in the first place to know it could not be repaired and they were going to take the tire off so I could get it repaired somewhere else and I was to bring a used tire for them to put on and they said fine no problem. I was never told that they don't have the wheel lock and it was never an issue to anyone but me because I never received the wheel lock when I first got the car. So after Hannah hearing me out she told me she was going back to get the right information and a day that my car would be done and that she leaves at 5pm normally but will stay later and call me back to have this resolved. IT'S NOW 7PM and no callback for Hannah Hernandez the Customer Experience Manager WOW!!!

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