This was an incredibly and unnecessarily frustrating experience. I sent several emails over the months before closing doing everything I could to make sure everything was being done so there would be as few problems as possible during closing week and on closing day. At the very end Caliber wanted, among other things, the most recent copy of my MONTHLY account statement from the account my closing funds were coming from. That statement wasn't due to post until about 3 days before closing. They had already received numerous statements before. Since this statement wasn't due to post until 3 days before closing, I happily offered, wanted, and practically begged to provide a "real time" print off of what was in the account. That wasn't good enough for them. My credit was (is) stellar with a score of 793 and I was way more than qualified for the loan. Their lack of cooperation and "common sense" was mind blowing.

They completely dropped the ball with my "flood inspection". They received the form in the middle of Sept yet didn't get it to me until one month later, which was about 4 or 5 days before closing. It really is too much to go into; there are numerous things. But let it suffice to say that Caliber seriously jeopardized my closing. I didn't receive my final loan disclosure until THE NIGHT BEFORE CLOSING. I didn't receive my HUD until 30 MINUTES AFTER THE SCHEDULED CLOSE TIME ON THE DAY OF CLOSING (the following day) because of their stubbornness and being so difficult to deal with in the final few days.

So closing was postponed for an hour from the original time, giving me essentially 30 minutes to look over and digest my HUD. I kept a few of my friends who are experienced in closing transactions abreast of all the shenanigans the couple of weeks before closing. They were stunned and used words like "inexcusable" and "unprofessional". I completely agree. I will not be recommending Caliber Loans to anyone I know.

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