Dear Victims of Canadian Visa Expert, don't lose your hope. Trust me: something is being done.

My name is Eduardo Sousa, from Brazil and I also was scamed by their 'unique number: 180273203".

I am in touch with the Canadian authorities and I am making this case known to the government. You can help endorsing my case with the authorities. Please send your contact to my email below and soon I will add you in an active community that was scamed from Canadian Visa Expert, and I will demonstrate that this company does not act in good faith.

The most importantly step I got it: I finally got the right contact from the Canadian authorities and they sensitized to my case and I also managed to demonstrate their way of acting, which was evident that is not a company that act in good faith. There is plenty of evidence of this.

Soon I will give you the guideline what you should do. First of all, I need your help just compiling your case from this company.

Something needs to be done, but trust, it's being done!

All of you who read this message, please send an e-mail explaining your case in its entirety. Soon I will give guidelines of what should be done.

My name is Eduardo Sousa
My email: edua[email protected]Subject in the email: "I was scamed by Canadian Visa Expert – My name is …".

Please, don't give up! This is not a promise to see your money back, but it is a promise that this company will pay for what they are doing.

My Best Regards,

Eduardo Sousa.

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