Good evening, I just got off the phone for the second time today with Canon Technical Support. This time, after the printer on my PIXMA MG 2920 I thought was fixed from the correction suggested by the first Tech and it did print, several print jobs later, the error message returned. So, I was provided Jegason / Employee ID #211-11 E; he too was most patient and also knowledgeable, in fact he had to spend nearly 40 plus minutes assisting me with removing the old print jobs and reloading this printer computer program to see if this would get it up and operating properly once again – after considerable patience and his gracious assistance in helping me navigate uploading the Canon program from the website, it worked! Hooray!!! Thank you, Jegason, I told him for his patience and knowledge with this product and having to work with my older laptop and Windows 7, yes it is old, but even older but quality products, like Canon still provide quality service I need and can continue to depend on. Please recognize employee, Jegason; he is exceptional. Thank you. Linda

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