Today, Friday, November 13,2015 @ approx 3:15pm. I contacted your 1800 OK CANON Customer Service Contact Number after attempting to work with the where I purchased the Canon Printer last December 05,2014 (Order # 2677191091055/Purhase O. Walmart directed me to contact the above number. I was given "Damian/Station #238. Please take important note and time with this employee – he was professional, patient, knowledgeable and courteous; extremely valuable qualities and hard to find. I have been a manager 32 years and I was most impressed. I was so ready to be angry, being frustrated with Walmart, but Damian turned this unhappy customer around. I really enjoy my printer and have both a Canon video camera and Canon still camera which despite their age are thrilled to continue using. Damian reminded me why I purchase and continue being a loyal Canon customer; Damian demonstrated exemplary customer service while assuring me over the phone with his patience in guiding with remarkable knowledge of the product. I suffered my second stroke recently and then just had surgery to rebuild my left achilles tendon so in a full cast; it was hard for me to get my lap top set up and computer printer back up quickly, but Damian patiently waited over the phone and then with great kindness helped me navigate to bring eventual resolution to the problem. After he waited to see if the printer could be tested to work, he allowed me to go back over and take notes from him, step by step so as to be ready should this happen again. Please recognize your valuable employee, Damian. Damian embodies all the qualities essential in keeping companies like Canon the success they want to be. I know I will be telling my brothers, sisters, friends neighbors and co workers; I continue to be a proud Canon customer thanks to Damian. Linda Simonson

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