I purchased a 2001 Hummer 3 for 28,0000.00 on a 60 month term. So began 9/2011. I was laid off my job in May of 2013, so I did a loan modification with them, dropped my payment from 479.00 to 385.00. I had a very difficult time making the payments with no income, but I did make the payments, some late but made. Then in Aug of 2015 I could make them anymore. So I fell 4 months behind. But was hired in a full time position and told them I would pay them 600.00 for two months to catch up. Keep in mind I only owe 5400.00 from a 28,000.00 dollar loan and have about 11,000.00 in equity in the vehicle.

I had a gut feeling they were going to repo. Anyways it's called GREED… So against the HOAs demands, I parked my vehicle horizontal in my carport instead of vertical. The tow truck guy showed up and could not tow the HUMMER. As soon as he left I took my car and put in a garage. I want to pay the balance I owe but will not give them a cent until I have something in writing from them. I have the leverage. If anything, I will part the entire vehicle out piece by piece. I have dealt with greedy businesses for many years and this time I will not be taken by them. I have asked a local news station to help me with the arrangements. There is nothing good to say about Capital One 360. But I won this time.

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