Cardinal maritime is a company built on dishonesty and exploitation. My company was importing goods from China via sea freight for the first time, unbeknownst to us, we should have been asking for specific shipping terms. Fast forward some weeks and the goods are set to arrive and we receive an extortionate invoice with hugely inflated costs. On top of this blatant gouging, they attempted to tack on further charges for 'storage' when they were entirely responsible delaying our shipment on arrival.

After calling around more reputable freight forwarders I was told that there are some companies like this that set out to take companies that import through them (not always out of choice) for as much money as possible, usually offering financial incentives to the suppliers to bring in more victims.

DO NOT use this company, always ask your supplier who they are using and set clear shipping terms, this whole affair increased my product costs by over 50%. Had we not challenged them on all of his we could have been charged hundreds more.

I hope Cardinal maritime are eventually punished for these practices, I'm sure many small business owners have suffered greatly at the hands of these shameless individuals.

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