I used a Carfax report to gain information related to Ford Windstar I was considering buying. The report clearly states that there were no recalls on the vehicle and that Carfax receives information on safety recalls for "individual vehicles" from Ford. Given the clean bill of health given my car by Carfax and the assumption that if this vehicle had any recalls they would have been noted I bought the vehicle to find out a few weeks later that it was part of a massive recall. Three auto mechanic professionals including the shop foreman at the local dealer judged the car unsafe to drive if repairs weren't made to complete or redo the work originally done as part of a recall.

After extensive correspondence with Ford I have documented evidence that Ford does NOT give Carfax the VIN numbers of individual vehicles involved in safety recalls. Therefore, Carfax's claim is fraudulent. And, their exemptions, exclusions and other legalese in their purchase agreement clearly states in the fine print that they are not responsible for anything they say, do or write either deliberately or through negligence so there is absolutely no recourse to recover from their fraudulent reporting.in short, a Carfax report is not worth the paper on which it's printed and, in fact, it's better to never see one so as not to be led astray by these snake oil salesmen.

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