What Really Torques Me Is, Your Advertising "free" Carfax Reports. Bull!!! It Instantly Leads One To A Site That Wants $39.95 For This Report. And I Got News For You. You Are Nothing But A Bunch Of Sniveling Liars. I Wouldn't Mind So Much If You Were Up Front With This *scam*, But It Is This "bait And Switch" Tactic That P*sses Me Off. You Say It's "free", Then Try To Charge, And It Is Not Illegal It *should* Be!!! Further News Flash, Bub. I Wouldn't Pay You For A Report If The Gates Of Hell Freeze Shut. And I Hope You Eat A Roach And Choke On Your "report", Too. (i'll Get It Anyway: I Work For A Car Dealership) If There's I Can't Stand Its A Damned Liar! ~

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