I bought a car Aug 31,2015, on 9/1/15 the back windows no longer rolled down and on the 3rd day of having the car I'm on the highway and the radiator blew up. The temp was almost 90 degrees and I had My 7-yr-old in the car and my 1-yr-old grandson. It was a very dangerous. I called CarHop. I was assured that they would help, but when I went in the office, I was treated very disrespectful and told the parts weren't covered. I suffer from severe Anxiety and this whole experience has been a nightmare. I'm basically paying for a car thats a true lemon. I feel as though I have been robbed. Not to mention that the car has no heat and the windshield wipers don't shut off. I live in Minnesota and it's cold very cold and I don't have HEAT!!!

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