Back in Mid August my daughter and her boyfriend went on a cruise on one of your ships and sailed out of Galveston Texas. They had a great trip and called to check in on my grandson a couple of times during the trip.
My problem is… I continually get phone calls from the cruise ship. A guy called last night and left a message about his missing luggage. I hope he found it cause I aint never been on a cruise and wouldn't know the first place for him to look. I have gotten numerous calls form all sorts of people and do not answer. When they do leave a message my phone carrier is charging me for an overseas call from Greenland. Is there any way this can stop? Is there anything Carnival can do to reimburse me for my phone charges and the annoyance this has been for me.
And in addition I know your passengers are being charged for calls they thought were going to your ship and not to Texas.
Please advise what can be done to rectify this problem.

Thank you.

Larry Foley

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