All I wanted was to buy windshield wipers from my car and it's turned into such a headache. First of all, when you Google my car's make and model plus windshield wipers, you land on a page that says the exact make and model. So those are the wipers I ordered. When they arrived they didn't fit, so I wanted to return them. First, the link to "request a return" in my order email doesn't work. Then, when you go to their site manually and "request a return" the form doesn't work either. So I had to call them – some foreign overseas office that was difficult to understand – and the lady tells me I ordered the wrong part and have to pay return shipping. When I go back to the product listing, it doesn't clarify that the wipers are only for the wagon version of my car until much later on the page, below where you add the product to your cart, etc. Wouldn't it make sense to put that right at the top of it were only for a certain body style?!

Finally, to top everything off, I had to pay $8 return shipping and (they demanded) that I call back and give them the tracking number. When I go to get the phone number to call, it says there's a different return address than the one listed on the original package – the return department never said to send it to a different address! So now I guess I'm just sol and out about $40. What a scammy company. I will never order anything from them again and suggest you don't either.

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