Bank of America sold my account to CMS with very little notice of the transfer and how to make the next payment which was due right then. When a payment is electronically selected there is no choice of dates and it is final. On top of that you have to listen to the message that they are a debt collection agency. I have an excellent payment record and very good credit rating. This month it would not allow a payment greater than my regular monthly payment – no extra payment on principal that day.

I did call today and they said I could use the extra payment button and it would go towards principal reduction automatically. They said they are making changes in the system. We shall see if it works correctly next month! When calling customer service the answering message is complex, the code for speaking to a customer representative is #8, very far down on the list! At least I was not placed on hold once I got the correct code selected… The representative was nice. However, I rate CMS a very user un-friendly company!!!

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