Like others I saw scrolling through, I had BOA. While I wasn't exactly happy with BOA, I didn't realize how great they were until I wound up with Carrington. First of all, I always make my payments through bill pay on Chase with my personal checking. BOA had no issue with this. Carrington tried to force me to use their website to make payments and I did. Until they forced me to change my password EVERY MONTH and I finally forgot what password I had used and my efforts to reset my password didn't work. I gave up and went back to bill pay.

That's not my primary concern. My primary concern is that apparently in August they revised my escrow amount. The new amount was due September 1 but I was not notified. I did not find out until I got a late payment notification in late September. I called Carrington and they told me that the escrow had changed and that I owed an additional $65 per month. I let them know that I had already put in for my October 1 payment and that I would IMMEDIATELY send them a check for $130 which was the difference for both September and October. They received this on October 10. However, on October 14 they filed a past-30 day inquiry on my credit!

I called and complained and was met with nothing but rudeness. I got a fax number to send a complaint which I did. A few days after sending my complaint, I got a check in the mail for OVERPAYMENT of escrow in the amount of $313!!! These idiots cannot make up their mind if *I* owe *THEM* money or if *THEY* owe *ME* money. Total stupidity. Of course my complaint was "researched" and they "found" that what they reported to the credit bureaus was accurate.

The fact that it was underpayment and then overpayment and underpayment and so on does not bother me. While that's aggravating and stupid on their part, it is the fact that, while they felt that I had underpaid, they filed a negative remark on my credit. Which was immediately followed by a "Oops, we screwed up and you overpaid, here's a check for the difference." But the damage was already done on my credit. Carrington Mortgage Services, you guys SUCK and I will be taking my mortgage elsewhere to avoid any future stupidity on your part.

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