Our mortgage was purchased by Carrington mtg from BOA on April 2015. We had been with BOA for 6 years, never had a problem. We made our regular payment in May that we had made to BOA, then in June made the regular payment. We received an escrow letter stating we were 600.00 short in our escrow. I faxed a letter as they requested to have another escrow done. Our insurance had went from 1400.00 to 900.00 in May so our payment should have went down, not up. They stated they received the notice from my insurance co. May 29th so as were are waiting for the new escrow to be done.

We made the payment we had always made in July, thought everything was fine 'til we get a letter that we are two months behind. On July 24th we called and spoke with their customer dept. They said our payment was not the right amount and that it was in a suspense acct. We needed to pay 76.86 and they would take the 50.00 late fee off and release the funds. They wanted us to do their speedy pay for 15.00, we said no we would do our bill payor that day, which we did – it had to be to them by July 31, they say. They did receive it 'til the 1st and send us as being 30 days late to the credit bureau, which has hurt our credit very bad. We can't get a refi because of it.

I sent them documentation from bill payor that it was in their PO box at 4:02 am on the 31st and that was not good enough, they want a tracking number which cannot be supplied. Also when they say your payment is in suspense, that just means they are not applying it to your loan because they cashed the check on 7/7/15. That doesn't seem right.in August we made the payment they had said just to be sure then we get an escrow saying our payment had went down.

It took from May 'til August to get another escrow done, so the extra we paid on that payment they say went to the late fee for July that their customer service person said she was taking off. They're not there to help the customer, only to make everything difficult and hurt you any way they can even if you show them proof. I will not stop 'til I get our credit report corrected. They are in the wrong and I will prove it one way or another. A class action suit sounds like a good start and I plan to go all the way to the top with this.

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