Our mortgage was sold to Carrington from Bank of America while we were in the process of a home loan modification and we were 1 month behind due to my father passing away. Our payments have gone up and all of our "late fees" became a "mortgage payment" according to Carrington. We have explained it many times and when we asked to speak to a manager she listened for a couple minutes then told us to "Shut up. I listened to you talk. Now you can listen to me." WORST company EVER! We have been trying to get a modification through them and they are always missing a piece of paperwork.

How do they stay in business? I think there needs to be a huge class action lawsuit against them. They now claim we are 3 payments behind (counting late fees transferred from BOA as a mortgage payment) and are trying to foreclose on us. We have 2 payments scheduled to come out at the end of the month but I am sure they will have some BS excuse and won't be able to take them and all of a sudden need a third payment. $6000 is hard to come up with when I have been out of work for 6 months because of surgery, having a baby then returning to work only to be knocked down to part time.

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