They bought ours from Chase and we have had nothing but problems since. It first started with them charging us too much every month for 2 years and said they didn't owe us money saying that we filed bankruptcy on our house when we did not. I found that out on my credit report. Then after 2 years they said that we missed a payment when Chase had sold our mort. And that they were foreclosing on our house. They stopped taking our payments so we hired a lawyer. By time we got it started with the lawyer, all of a sudden they would start to take payments but not all at once we had all the money for our payments that they would not take. So they come up with a repayment plan that was 13,500 in 5 months now our payment is 1001.49. Now that amount makes no sense at all.

We talked with the lawyer and they said we were screwed if we didn't pay them because it shows we have payed in almost a year. They would not take a lump sum from us only this repay deal that had the payments too high and late fees and their lawyer fees. So after all said and done we ended up with a check 3600 dollars only after I sent the White House and FHA about 100 letters. Someone from the government called them because they asked me "who do you know in the White House?". I couldn't believe it. So like magic I thought everything was settled and done but it wasn't and still isn't. They haven't reported to the credit bureaus in 14 months taking my credit score from a 770 to a 510. Now all new fight begins…

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