We flew from KUL to SFO via HKG on the 5th Nov 2015 with CX722. We didnt get our luggage at SFO airport and had to wait nearly an hour to check with baggage officer. We were promised that we will receive our luggage by the next day latest by noon and were quite unhappy that we didnt get it even by now at 6.15pm. I have a meeting to attend tomorrow and all my documents are in that bag along with my clothes. This is terrible as you are not professional in handling such simple issue of delayed luggages. Tag number of our luggages are and. Cathay compensated both of us 70 dollars each and I wanted to ask you what can we buy with that little amount of money in SFO. We are really not happy with Cathay. I hope you can sort out this problem as soon as possible because we need our bags.

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