Our property lost power at around 3:30 PM on 11/10/2015. The power came back on but not all of the property. I called Centerpoint and was told that the power was repaired. I questioned how could that be since part of the tenants at LaCenterra were still without power. I was told that they could send someone out to check each tenant that was out for $50 and I had to give them one address. I continued to explain that it was all over some hall lights were out while some offices had power. Some tenants were completing shut down.

They would not tell me what caused the power outage or offer any assistance. All that they would say that it was repaired. Several tenants lost business and by the way they pay all of taxes in Ft. Bend County because they did not know what to do. I had to hire an electrician to go tenant by tenant to every store to check their panels to see why they did not have power. Really. Centerpoint you need to work on customer service. I still want to know why we lost power.

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