CenturyLink has ads on their website. $94.99 Tv, Net, Phone. Then you get the bill its $149.80. They blame everyone but the bills are higher than the ad. The whole co. Is run by stupid people. I had charter, was paying $140. Why would I switch. Why would anyone pay more to deal with these clowns. Its a war. These people are crazy. I am shocked anyone runs a business like they do. And they do not care.

Today a guy from their office, "omar" told me "well you're unhappy lets get you over to disconnect dept." I like direct tv, centurylink is a joke. Take my advice RUN!!! They are Liars. Dishonest, POOR business people. Run!!! I for the life of me do not know how they get away with this, it's classic Bait & switch. Its one price now then you get the bill its another. Its all taxes & user fees. Bunk! Lies..

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