CenturyLink has been nothing but PROBLEMS since I started their services in October!!! First stating my bill would be 30$ then sending me a bill for 50$ and saying they would never say that price yet I wrote everything down the representative told me on the phone. Second, after my month was over miraculously my internet started to slow down. So slow that my DIRECTV kept disconnecting.

None of the shows would do the 72 hour rewind and none of my movies would download. Getting CenturyLink was only for my DIRECTV. What's it's purpose if it doesn't work!!! Third, I call and call and can never get thru to anyone but a machine. When I have gotten thru I constantly get hung up on. I'm so fed up with this company. I have them a fair chance and they are literally screwing me over, their customer who they stand by, and will not let me cancel because I've had it for almost two months. Seriously!? Two months out of a two year contract!

And everything was perfect my first month now all of a sudden they want me to upgrade because it's not working properly!!! Last Friday the lady told me I would not have to be home for a guy to come look at my internet box. That he can fix it from outside. When I got home there just happened to be a letter in my mailbox stating they need to get into my house because they can't fix the problem from outside. Hm. And on top of that, they said I can get a fee for having to even come inside to fix it!!! Worst mistake ever getting involved with this company!!! I called again yesterday to hear an automated service tell me my service will be disconnected Monday. If i get a disconnection fee i am reporting you to the bbb!!!

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