CenturyLink overcharged me and because this happened repeatedly, I believe I can accurately conclude that they lied.in one instance, I paid $5 a month for modem rental. I did then buy a modem, but they wouldn't let me stop the rental charges because they claimed the modem to be obsolete, even though it was identical to the rental. I continued using their 'obsolete' rental modem another 3 years, before ending my business with these cheats. CenturyLink illegally turned a rental agreement into a subscription.

When I first started an account with the CenturyLink corporation, (alias Qwest at the time), in autumn 2006, I was told by the sales person CenturyLink would waive the modem rental fee for the first year. When I received my bill from CenturyLink, the rental fee had in fact NOT been waive. Only after hours of work on the telephone, was I finally able to get a supervisor to correct the billing, such that CenturyLink would be honoring their initial agreement.

In about May 2012 I contacted CenturyLink, (alias Qwest at that time), asking that they help me activate-initialize a modem that I had purchased so that I would no longer be paying modem rental fees. The modem I purchased was the exact same model as the modem I was renting at the time. The customer service person refused the request, instead saying that I needed to purchase a new $150 modem because the modem I was renting was obsolete. I continued using this allegedly obsolete modem for 3 years until August 2015, at a cost of about $200 in rental fees.

When I cancelled my account with CenturyLink, I attempted to return this rental modem to CenturyLink. I had been instructed to place the modem in the same box CenturyLink used to send it to me, then deliver the box to UPS. I delivered the package to UPS, but CenturyLink apparently refused to pay delivery charges. The modem had such little value that Century Link would not pay for return shipment. The 'modem rental contract', was a complete bait-and-switch. It was never a rental contract at all, it was instead a perpetual subscription.

In 2015 CenturyLink again made false billings with excessive charges so I cancelled my phone and internet. This all occurred at the expense of more wasted hours on the phone. NOTE – beware answering CenturyLink emails on your home computer, I now go to the library. They tried to run a spy program on me and Windows played that two tone 'program failed' message as I opened their Email.

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