Horrible-horrible customer service. I would like to give CenturyLink zero stars if that would be an option. I called to add internet services in addition to phone services. The representative was really helpful and spent over 1.5 hours to explain my options and set up a service order. I was told that they would send me a modem that I would need to set up, and then my service would kick-in on the date requested. Since I haven't received anything, two weeks later I called them, and they couldn't find my order and later said that the order was put on hold. Yah, I could have been waiting and waiting. So, the representative told me that the only option I have is to set up a new service order.

So, I spend another hour on the phone to set up my order to find out that they wouldn't be able to activate my account for another month because their technicians are so busy, and not available till that date. Also, this representative was giving me different quote on the price and various fees than what was previously told. My call was dropped, and when I called back right away I talked to another representative who gave me another different set of information regarding the prices. When I asked to talk to a supervisor I was informed that everyone was gone for the day and I should call back the next day. I called back the next day and the representative said that he could move up the activation date by five days.

I asked to talk to a supervisor and I was transferred to the escalation supervisor. After I explained my situation, he asked if I wanted to cancel the service order. It was obvious that he could care less if they lose a customer. He did offer his sympathy and offered to check if an earlier activation date would be available. He put me on hold and came back later telling me that he has good news and bad news. The good news was that he could put me on the wait list and if someone cancels their order then I may get my services activated. The bad news was that he could not move up the activation date. He said that the activation date five days earlier was not available either (even though I was told a few minutes earlier that was an option). His solution was to offer sympathy and the option of cancelling my order. One of the worst customer service experiences ever!!!

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