I called Century Link on Monday, November 16th to cancel auto pay for an account I closed on Nov 5th. My final bill was due December 3rd. Today, November 19th, I received a call from Convergent Outsourcing on behalf of Century Link to collect a debt. I then called Century Link to find out why I was in collections and was told that my account was still current. The final bill of $154.00 was not due until December 3rd. The agent I spoke with today said that my account was turned into collections on Monday, when it shouldn't have been because my account is not even past due yet. I actually have a perfect payment history. The agent then said that she would be sending me a letter to verify that my account should not be in collections (should receive that in 3 days). It concerns me that I had been turned into collections unjustly by someone who took my call and didn't like my demeanor.

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