I have had CenturyLink for years and up until now no big complaints. I recently called to ask about my bill. The guy ended up trying to talk me into PRISM, their high speed TV service. I said I needed to do more thinking about it. Two weeks later I got a letter welcoming me to PRISM and telling me when equipment was going to be shipped. I called immediately and complained. They said they would cancel the service and speak to the rep (right, I'm sure they did…). I just got my CenturyLink bill, and surprise, over $200 for PRISM service. I called again, and after a couple of long waits and being put on hold, they agreed to credit my next bill (I'll see if it shows up). This took the rep a least a 10 minute discussion with a supervisor. It didn't seem that complicated. They screwed up twice. I'm sure this has happened before. I'm thinking of stopping my autopay so that they don't take my money and make me fight back for it. And I'm looking into other services.

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