I wanted to save some money on my landline. One of their awful customer svc reps switched me into a more expensive plan with less features. I am actually still on hold, in my third hour, while I get the plan switched back. I am speaking with a supervisor named Michael. He said he'd track the horrible customer service reps and report them to their supervisors. Anyhow, I'd better get back my old service. If not, I'll shut off my landline and go strictly on cell phones. Well, the voicemail now works, but I did inform the supervisor about Century Link's low rating on the internet.

He has probably been trained to show no emotion, and he didn't. Anyhow, something's gotta give. We need to lower our costs with our cell phone plan because this month, it was almost $200. I'm not going to try to budget with Century Link because they'll end up giving me the same problem again. Next time, I'll just get rid of them and sell my great Panasonic phone system. Total time on hold today: 3 hours. The only worse company is my old health insurance, Highmark Blue Cross.

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