I was evicted from a home of 22 years. I had EMBARQ which changed to CL.in October, I had the landline disconnected and just kept the internet, which was 19.95 bundled, and became 42.00 on its own. I was suddenly evicted in December as the house was being sold. I notified them as to the circumstances. My last bill was for 33 cents.in February, I was sent a bill for 211.00 for early termination. I refuse to pay that bill, as I was evicted w/o notice from this home.

I am tired of the loopholes and the problems with this company. It doesn't matter how good a customer you are or what occurs in our lives. They do not care. So now this sits on my credit history as I am still homeless as of today. I am disabled and alone living in a 1977 camper in a parking lot. I am using the library's PC to write this. Hopefully CL will fall like the cable companies will be doing in the future. America is not land of the free. But it is home of the brave (me).

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