If I had just one penny for each minute I have spent talking to customer service attempting to sort out their mistakes, I could take a trip around the world. Firstly, if they offer a service such as an ISDN, then they should bloody well know what this line and service is. We have had an ISDN for 18 years and then all of a sudden, two months ago, the bills started coming in with charges we know nothing about. I sorted it out and the following bill was fine. Now, the current bill is back to charges that are not ours.

What the reps fails to realize is with ISDN, it is for broadcast recording. You do not use it as a phone as the lines goes through a mixing board, so it is impossible to use it as long distance as the person you are calling must also have an ISDN line. I have explained this over and over to them until I am blue in the face. Now I have to call them once again. It seems once CenturyLink makes an error, it is virtually impossible to have it rectified. If you have a choice stay away from CenturyLink.

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