Love the service a little slow at times but when I called in to extend my payment that was due for just 1 more day lady named aisa or iasia was very rude and impatient didn't let me speak, I just couldn't understand because of her thick accent and I repeated to her the information she was giving me and was very rude I I didn't understand her mind you English is my 2nd language and she got very upset by the tone of her voice by the way the word was possession but I heard a different word when I asjed her to explain what she ment she got really angry. Im not the type to give reviews this is actually my 1st type ever giving a review and I wouldn't even bother but I felt like she needs to work on her customer service. Thanks I do love century link don't get me wrong and usually I get someone very happy to help because I can feel it over the phone. By the way she did extend it eventually.
super rude lady!!!

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