Modems are defective. The ethernet connectors aren't properly made so I can't made a solid connection. This adversely affects the quality of the internet service. The technician refused to go to his truck and get other modems to test them, to find one that wasn't defective. He tried to blame my cable, but the cable works fine on my old modem, my computer — it's not the cable. He said the modems were all alike. If this is true, CenturyLink is defrauding its internet service customers by providing defective modems they sell or lease.

The technical support person said she was shipping a new modem. I received a confirming email that the new modem was being shipped. It never arrived. I was supposed to return the old modem, but when I went to the UPS store, I was told I needed a prepaid return authorization, not just the number she gave me. She lied and manipulated me. She didn't give me a return authorization, just a number. The internet speed is supposed to be 12mbps. I was able to get 10mbps, but since the technician "repaired" the service, it has steadily declined. Now I get 6-7 mbps for download — and only. 49 for upload.

Several years ago, when the company was still Quest, I tried to have phone and internet service with them. It was successful, but I switched to Cable One. That didn't work out. So I went back to Quest. Even though there was less than a week between the two companies, the phone service and internet service didn't work. The technicians couldn't repair it. The technical support personnel kept having me do things to try to make it work. This went on for 13 days. Finally, they told me my outside phone line needed to be repaired and scheduled the repairman. He never showed up.

I called Quest and after getting the run around from several staff — I finally got through to a supervisor. He told me there was no record of any of the 13 days of technical support — 2 hours or more per day. There was no record of an appointment to repair my phone line. Then he invalidated my complaint, gave me the runaround. I lost my temper. Then they billed me — two different bills — for over $150 for services not rendered. They sent the fraudulent bills to a collection agency. They refused to fix my phone line so I had no service for several years. This company is the worst experience I have ever had. But they are the best opportunity for internet service in Boise that I can afford. But I have to pay extra for not getting autopay. But that is the only leverage I have with them.

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