Poor installation, inconsistent bandwidth and the TV Guide feature is worthless! You can record and watch from any TV if you only could find what you wanted to record. Stay away from CenturyLink! Wireless TV does not extend to the basement. On a positive note you will watch less TV as you can't find the channels or programs you loved to watch on Comcast. Sales will tell you get every channel, beware of this – it's a tactic. I specifically asked "do I get the NFL Channel and Red Zone with this package" and the response was yes. Not true – you have to pay for red zone or normal channels that came with Comcast. My bill would be the same if not more with similar channels, but at least I could find what I wanted to watch. The Guide feature is the worst you will ever experience. Stay clear, as I am locked into a contract and this awful service for a year. Way to screw us CenturyLink.

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