Ruuuunnnnn as fast as you can away from this company!!! Here is an email that I sent to Century Link via a link for unresolved issues: This is the WORST customer service experience I have ever had. I was prepared to sign a two year agreement for 40mbps internet with the understanding that I needed this set up no later than 11/04/15. I work remotely and deal with PHI so need secured internet for this purpose. Because this did NOT happen and since I had cancelled my Comcast account with the understanding that Century Link was to be set up no later than the 4th. Since that didn't happen I had to drive 30 miles into Seattle each day (60 mile round trip) and 4 hrs of drive time. This has been extremely frustrating and a huge inconvenience. I have been constantly lied to and given incorrect information every day that I called. I spent nearly approx 6 hrs on hold and twice was put on hold then recieved (AFTER 30-40 MINUTES OF WAITING) that the office was now closed. I repeatedly asked to speak with a manager and was constantly diconnected and every time they transferred me to a different department I was on hold for no less than 20 minutes, then disconnected. They have my scheduled connection date for 11/11/15 which was what the initial gentleman said he had put in to the system but only momentarily since I needed to speak with the billing department so that my credit from a prior experience was noted. Once he seen the note he was to email me immedicately with my actual install date which would range between 11/2-11/4. I was VERY clear that I could not make the order if this timeline couldn't be made and would just keep my current internet provider but he assured me they would have me up and running by 11/4. It is now 11/7 and still NO internet and when I spoke with Susan in your excalation department she said there was nothing she could do (same answer I received from every single person I spoke with) and when I told her that I would just contact Comcast to see if I could get my internet going again sooner than 11/11 she was more than happy to assist me with cancelling my contract. Obviously my business wasn't important enough for anyone to intervene and take care of this issue and you must be overwhelmed with business since throwing a potential custumer away seems like a regular part of how you do business. Having said all of that, I called Comcast after speaking with Susan and they were not surprised to hear what I went threw becasue they had hear similar stories from other people. They encouraged me to come back because they DO VALUE our business and guess what!!! They will have us up and going tomorrow morning (Sunday 11/08/15), less than 24 hrs and for the same price I would have paid Century link for 40 mbps. I will sign a two year agreement with them and after two bad experiences with Century Link WILL NEVER attempt to sign up with your company again. I will also tell my friends, family, co-workers about how poor your customer service is and the fact that when a person calls thinking they are speaking to Century Link directly that they could be speaking with a third party who often gives bad information and overall that you have a very diconnected operation. I will also make certain that everyone knows that I am not only angry because you didn't follow threw with what you said you would do by getting us up and running by 11/4 but that the customer service is soooooo bad that I had to call 6 days in a row, with NO positive resolution and more than 6 hrs of waisted time. I spoke with Comcast for less than 20 minutes and within 24 hrs my internet will be reconnected. Huge difference in customer appreciation and service. I do hope that one of your door to door sales people do not come to my home again because they will get an ear full and I will definately recommend they work for a different company, one that has good morals and keeps their word and respectfully works at keeping their business. Century Link is full of misinformed employees, who are rude, they lie, and they seem to get some enjoyment out of placing people on hold without telling them that their office will close while they are on hold. I will be posting this as feedback online and warn everyone to find alternate internet providers because even if they do get connected timely, if they have issues later they are in for a disturbing surprise with your inefficient, ineffective, desrepectful, lieing, and misinformed representatives who will give the biggest run around and will never get you positive resolution or connect you to a manager who can assist you with the problem. The title of this box is "How can we help you?" Well I've been asking for help for 6 days… I think the title of this box should say "How can we get frustrate you to the point of getting rid of you?" Of course you should add a smiley face:-)

Oh and one last thing… When I asked Susan for your cooporate office phone number, she told me how to contact you online! Isn't that ironic since we couldn't even get internet service going from you! She hesitated in giving me any other information and finally gave me an address in Denver, Co. She couldn't refer me to who I could speak with and certainly wouldn't give me a phone number. That is one SHADY business operation! At any rate, I am happily back with Comcast and you can now cancel our order

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